LED Metric Recessed Troffer

transparent photo of BLRT26 light fixture
BLRT26 is Wireless Ready
BLRT26 is ETL Listed
The BLRT26 is a recessed lay-in fixture designed for use in T-bar ceilings and is well suited for use in office spaces where a clean, professional, 20x60 footprint is required

Specification Sheets / Installation Instructions

Photometry (.ies, etc)


  • •  0 - 10V dimming standard
  • •  L90 of 45,000 hours+
  • •  L70 of 150,000 hours+


  • •  Manufactured in Ontario, Canada
  • •  Precision laser-cut cold-rolled steel body
  • •  Access panel provided for easy wiring
  • •  Shallow fixture design for easy of installation and a clean, professional look


  • •  The fixture is available in 120 - 277V and 347V


  • •  Powder coated body in high-reflectance white
  • •  High-efficiency extruded lens maximizes light distribution while providing diffusion of LED point sources


  • •  Holes provided for chain or hanger wire mounting
  • •  Support for T-Bar ceilings
  • •  Surface mount and drywall kits


  • •  80 CRI standard - 90 CRI, 95+CRI available
  • •  Available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K
  • •  Lumen packages are available from 4,000L to 6,000L
  • •  Available with passive or active air handling
  • •  Bluetooth and wireless mesh networks controls

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