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The most significant advancement in a generation.

The Autonomy System eliminates every financial, technical and operational barrier to adoption for Smart Lighting. It unlocks the energy savings potential of Smart Lighting by making it affordable and accessible to virtually any commercial building.

No Control Boxes
Devices automatically build a secure network using multi-factor authentication.
No Setup
ASHRAE compliant motion, daylight and wall switch groups are automatically configured.
No Commissioning
Devices discover the lighting arrangement in each room and optimize all settings for site-specific conditions.
No Maintenance
Add, remove, relocate or replace devices without programming.

Autonomous LED Lighting Control Systems

No design, programming or maintenance is required to deploy a full-featured Smart Lighting System.

No external hardware required. These products self-configure into a Smart Lighting system upon power-up. They are a complete and universal solution to any project.

Wall Switch

The Wall Switch provides variable brightness control with no user setup or external control boxes. It automatically groups with co-located Autonomy Sensors within minutes of initial power-up. Users can pair their smartphone through NFC to modify all settings.

Touch Screen

The Touch Screen automatically pairs with co-located sensors and updates the GUI based on the lighting arrangement grouping configuration. Users can pair their smartphone to the Touch Screen through NFC with a simple tap to gain access to the lighting system from the mobile application.


Built-in relay and auto-grouping to co-located luminaires make it easy to meet plug-load requirements.

Autonomy Sensor

Sensors automatically build a secure wireless mesh network and configure ASHRAE compliant motion and daylight groups. No human interaction is required before, during or after luminaire installation.