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NX Lighting Controls

NX Networked lighting controls system delivers a seamless lighting control solution. NX Lighting Controls is capable of scaling from stand-alone fixture and room control applications to networked enterprise deployments. NX Lighting Controls operates using wired, wireless and hybrid connectivity with native BACnet™ support.

intelligent controls
Truly Intelligent
Distributed Networked architecture provides reliability, scalability and simplicity.
scalable controls
Designed for luminaire, room and building based applications, including BMS support​.
simple controls
​Designed to self-configure, automatically meeting energy code requirements​.
versatile controls
Support indoor and outdoor applications, wired, wireless and hybrid networked lighting control deployments​.

Scalable Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

NX portfolio of compatible products provides the flexibility to easily scale from a single fixture to a complete building using a broad selection of multi-tiered control strategies.

Frequently Asked

What are NX controls?
NX Distributed Intelligence™ lighting control platform utilizes a Distributed Network Architecture DNA that connects intelligent devices including luminaires, controllers, panels, occupancy sensors, photocells, wall switches and dimmers, creating a system with an unmatched level of intelligence, simplicity, scalability and versatility.
How does NX work?
NX Distributed Intelligence™ platform offers lighting control solutions for virtually any application. Whether indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless, the distributed nature of the NX architecture provides cost-effective and flexible solutions that meet energy codes, maximize energy savings and simplify building operations.
Where is NX used?
Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, Parking and Site, Retail, and more.
What are the benefits of using NX?
Energy savings
Schedules/commands are stored on the fixture not the main central core
NX supports indoor and outdoor applications, wired, wireless and hybrid networked lighting control deployments, and enables emerging applications such as SpectraSync™ colour tuning technology
The NX platform is designed to scale from a single standalone room to a complete networked building with a comprehensive portfolio of panel, room-based and in-fixture controllers, sensors and user interfaces, as well as support for Building Automation Systems