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Featured Products

LED Lighting

BHZ – LED Hazardous Location Fixture

DLC Qualified Products Download BHZ Listings Here * See note below. Product Description Designed to efficiently light harsh and hazardous applications, the BHZ’s rugged design [...]


Product Description The LWSL is a LED vapour proof fixture with i-DIM technology for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for work areas, factories, food processing plants, garages, and [...]

NEW PRODUCT | BRLR – Recessed LED Retrofit Kit

DLC Qualified Products Download BRLR Listings Here * See note below. Product Description The BRLR is an LED retrofit kit offering up to 50% in [...]

Fluorescent Lighting

  • BJTLIND product shot left to right

BFHL – Industrial-Grade Fluorescent High Bay Fixture

Product Description Industrial-grade, suspended-mount fluorescent high bay fixture. It has been designed for indoor use where high-efficiency, ease of installation and sturdy construction are primary considerations. Its multi-faceted reflector [...]

BFHA – Contractor-Grade Fluorescent High Bay Fixture

Product Description Contractor-grade, surface and suspended mount fluorescent high bay fixture. It is ideal for indoor use, where high-efficiency, high-performance and ease of installation are required. Features High-reflectance [...]

BFHV – Superior-Grade Fluorescent Vapour Proof High Bay Fixture

Product Description Superior-grade,  suspended mount fluorescent vapour proof fixture. Its unique, IP67 certified body makes it ideal in washdown or extremely dusty environments where efficiency and performance are a [...]

Information & News

Press Releases

BJ Take Launches A New Hazardous Location LED Luminaire

Press Release Dunnville, Ontario - April 18, 2018 BJ Take is pleased to officially launch its newest DLC listed product offering, the BHZ hazardous location fixture. The BHZ is [...]

BJ Take Partners With Nedap

Press Release Dunnville, Ontario - February 14, 2018 Dunnville, ON, February 12, 2018 9:00am EST - BJ Take is pleased to announce they have partnered with Nedap to provide [...]

BJ Take Partners With A.M. Agency and Next Inc.

Press Release BJ Take Brings Customer Service To Western and Eastern Canada Dunnville, ON, December 5 9:00am EST - Committed to bringing more LED lighting products to the Canadian [...]

BJ Take Partners With Upper Canada Industries In Toronto

Press Release BJ Take Focussing On Strategic Growth In A Competitive Market Dunnville, ON, December 8 9:00am EST - BJ Take is moving in a new direction in one [...]


  • BLVS Short Bodied Vapour Proof Fixture

BLHV – 2 Foot Model

DLC Qualified Products Download BLHV DLC listings here. Product Description Superior-grade, surface and suspended mount LED vapour proof fixture. Its unique, IP67 certified body makes it ideal in environments where vapour-proof efficiency and performance are a factor. Features Fibreglass body with neoprene gasket ensures a dust and water resistant seal 4000K and 5000K light colours [...]

  • BLVN Narrow Body Vapour Proof LED

BLVN – Superior-Grade Narrow Body Suspended Mount Vapour Proof LED Fixture

DLC Qualified Listed Products Download BLVN DLC Listing Here Product Description Superior-grade, narrow body suspended-mount vapour proof LED fixture. It  is ideal for indoor or outdoor use where there is a high probability of  exposure to dust, water or vapour. Its unique, IP67 certified body makes it ideal in environments where vapour-proof efficiency and performance are a [...]

What makes BJ Take Inc. so special?

Why Choose Us?

By The Numbers

  • We are proudly Canadian
  • All of our products are highly customizable
  • A full line of indoor LED and fluorescent products
  • Local means faster turnaround
  • Buying Canadian just makes sense
Products already developed.
New products in development.
Hours of testing and development.
Hours of light provided to our customers.

Proudly Canadian since 1995.

All of our fluorescent and LED lighting solutions have been designed by Canadians, for Canadians.
That’s the way it has always been and always will be.

BJ Take Inc. is a manufacturer of custom lighting products designed with energy efficiency in mind. The company offers a full line of linear fluorescent and LED fixtures which are designed for specific applications.

Founded in 1995, BJ Take Inc. has grown to become an established manufacturer and designer of energy efficient lighting products. Situated near the shores of Lake Erie in Dunnville, Ontario, BJ Take Inc. has been a leader in innovation and custom design throughout North America for over 15 years.

"When my customers need superior lighting solutions, I turn to BJ Take every time. Because they are Canadian can rely on quick turnaround and quality products on my client's schedule, not the manufacturers."


BJ Take's lighting solutions are ideal for every application for Property Managers, architects and specifiers.

BJ Take has experienced professionals that are highly trained in the areas of Engineering, Sales and Customer Service to best serve our clients.