Contractor-Grade Fluorescent Fixture

transparent photo of BFIN-T8 light fixture
BFIN-T8 is Wireless Ready
BFIN-T8 is ETL Listed
The BFIN-T8 is a contractor-grade, surface and suspended mount fluorescent strip fixture. It has been designed for indoor use where high efficiency, ease of installation and sturdy construction are primary considerations. Its multi-faceted reflector makes it ideally suited for general area illumination

Specification Sheets / Installation Instructions

Photometry (.ies, etc)


  • •  Pre-painted, high-reflectance white body
  • •  High-reflectance white steel reflector standard
  • •  Can be row mounted
  • •  L90 of 0 hours+
  • •  L70 of 0 hours+


  • •  80 CRI standard - 90 CRI, 95+CRI available
  • •  4', 8' and custom lengths available (consult factory)
  • •  Dimmable and emergency ballast
  • •  Reflectors available in pre-painted high-reflectance white steel, white aluminum and specular aluminum
  • •  1, 2, 3 or 4 lamps available
  • •  Wireguard with various finishes (consult factory)


  • •  Manufactured in Ontario, Canada
  • •  Die-formed, heavy-gauge cold-rolled pre-painted steel. End caps are fastened by screws allowing the flexibility of repositioning to act as joiners for raceway wiring. Nontandem units offer a single piece reflector


  • •  Pre-painted body in high-reflectance white. Multifaceted reflector is manufactured to achieve optimal lamp performance. Reflectors available in highreflectance white steel, white aluminum and specularized aluminum. T5 fluorescent light source is standard


  • •  All components have met all regulatory approvals. Convenient knockout patterns for easy connections and through wiring. Fixture is available in 120 - 277VAC and 347V options


  • •  Can be row-mounted using a suspended or surfacemount configuration. Optional mounting is available with aircraft cable, chain or stem mounting

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