Superior-Grade Fluorescent Vapour Proof High Bay

Superior-grade, suspended mount fluorescent vapour proof fixture. Its unique, IP67 certified body makes it ideal in washdown or extremely dusty environments where efficiency and performance are a factor

Specification Sheets / Installation Instructions

Photometry (.ies, etc)


  • •  Fibreglass body with neoprene gasket ensures a dust and water resistant seal
  • •  High-reflectance white reflector
  • •  Available with 4 or 6 lamp configurations
  • •  T5 or T8 lamps
  • •  L90 of 0 hours+
  • •  L70 of 0 hours+


  • •  80 CRI standard - 90 CRI, 95+CRI available
  • •  347V options available
  • •  Multi-level switching, dimmable ballast
  • •  4 or 6 lamps
  • •  T5 or T8
  • •  Cords and hanging accessories
  • •  Occupancy and dimming controls


  • •  Manufactured in Ontario, Canada
  • •  Fibreglass enclosure with neoprene gasket ensures a dust and water resistant seal. Clear acrylic lens ensures a maximum light path is achieved. Available with highreflectance white or specular aluminum reflector. End knock-outs allow for continuous wiring


  • •  white steel, white aluminum or specular aluminum. T5, T5HO and T8 fluorescent light sources are available. Standard clear acrylic lens with various options available (consult factory)


  • •  All components have met all regulatory approvals. Fixture is available in 120 - 277VAC and 347V options. Lamp retention through rotary lamp holders


  • •  V-shaped mounting brackets for suspended applications. Surface mounting options available

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