Contractor-Grade Fluorescent Surface and Suspended Mount High Bay

Designed and Manufactured in North America Designed and Manufactured in North America
transparent photo of BFHA light fixture
BFHA is Wireless Ready
BFHA is ETL Listed
Contractor-grade, surface and suspended mount fluorescent high bay fixture. It is ideal for indoor use, where high-efficiency, high-performance and ease of installation are required

Specification Sheets

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  • •  High-reflectance white steel reflector standard
  • •  Available with 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 lamp configurations
  • •  Available in T5 or T8


  • •  80 CRI standard - 90 CRI, 95+CRI available
  • •  Specific ballast requirements (Ballast Factor)
  • •  Occupancy and dimming controls
  • •  Reflectors available in pre-painted high-reflectance white steel, white aluminum and specular aluminum
  • •  3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 lamps available
  • •  T5 or T8
  • •  Bulk or individually packaged


  • •  Manufactured in Ontario, Canada
  • •  Pre-painted, high reflectance white body is precision bent for added strength and rigidity. Welded end brackets with powder coated white finish for superior durability. Knockouts provide easy through wiring for row-mounted applications


  • •  Pre-painted body in high-reflectance white. Multifaceted reflector is manufactured to achieve optimal lamp performance. Optional reflector is available in high-reflectance white steel, white aluminum or specular aluminum. T5 and T8 light sources are available


  • •  All components have met all regulatory approvals. Convenient knockout patterns for easy connections and through wiring. Fixture is available in 120 - 277VAC and 347V options. Lamp retention through rotary lamp holders


  • •  Can be row-mounted using a suspended or surface mount configuration. Holes provided for convenient surface mounting, aircraft cable or S-hook chainmounting