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High Bay Lighting
High Bay LightingT5, T8 & LED
BJ Take Inc.’s high bay fixtures are an integral part of the product offering. Our products are designed and manufactured in Canada with performance, durability and functionality in mind.

BFHV – Fluorescent Vapour Proof High Bay Fixture

Product Description Superior-grade,  suspended mount fluorescent vapour proof fixture. Its unique, IP67 certified body makes it ideal in washdown or extremely dusty environments where efficiency and performance are [...]

  • Product shot of the BFHC and BTHC from left to right

BFHC – Industrial-Grade Fluorescent High Bay Fixture

Product Description Industrial-grade, suspended-mount fluorescent high bay fixture. It has been designed for indoor use where high-efficiency, ease of installation and sturdy construction are primary considerations. Its rugged [...]

  • BFHI product shot left to right.

BFHI – Quality-Grade Fluorescent High Bay Fixture

Product Description Quality-grade, fluorescent surface and suspended mount high bay fixture. It is ideal for indoor use, where high-efficiency, high-performance and ease of installation are required. Its multi-faceted [...]

Architectural Lighting
Architectural LightingT5, T8 and LED
All of BJ Take Inc.’s architectural lighting solutions have been tested and offer the utmost in performance and style for your client’s high-end aesthetic application or space.

BLR -Superior-Grade LED Recessed Troffer Fixture

Product Description Superior-grade,  recessed low profile lay-in T-Bar luminaire. Its ideal for indoor use where aesthetics, energy-efficiency and T-Bar mounting is essential. Its low-profile body is ideally suited [...]

  • BLSDC Series Photo

BLSDC – Superior-Grade LED Recessed Fixture

Product Description Superior-grade,  recessed LED perimeter lighting fixture. Its ideal for indoor use where aesthetics, energy-efficiency and LED lighting is essential. Its narrow strip design with a modern [...]

Look for these products in BJ Take Inc.'s 2015 Product Guide

We are preparing a full product catalogue offering that will enable you to confidently order from our full line of LED and fluorescent linear fixtures. Our goal is to ensure that the process is fast easy and most importantly - accurate.
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Other BJ Take Inc. Products
Industrial Lighting
Industrial LightingT5, T8 and LED
BJ Take Inc.’s industrial fixtures provide the energy and cost effectiveness that will satisfy every Property or Maintenance Manager while ensuring overall operation costs remain low.
Commercial Lighting
Commercial LightingT5, T8 & LED
BJ Take Inc.’s commercial lighting fixtures provide superior performance while offering the utmost in aesthetic value for today’s modern commercial environment and application.
SpecialtyT5, T8 and LED Gasketed
BJ Take Inc.’s IP rated gasketed fixtures offer a stable light source that is resistant to damp and dusty environments such as food preparation, wash down bays and parking garages.