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In an effort to continue to serve our customers with high-quality lighting products, BJ Take is pleased to announce that they have made significant investments in new machinery recently. It also allows the company to expand and develop new markets including decorative and pendant LED light fixtures.  The company is currently being approached by other lighting manufacturers to design custom parts and fixtures.

HG1003-ATC Bender


The HG1003-ATC press brake comes equipped with an automatic tool changer and eight-foot bending capacity which enables BJ Take to prototype faster and produce parts quicker while enhancing product quality. 3D offline programming maximizes resources by creating and testing the bend sequence in a 3D environment.

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EG6013 Press Brake

eg650 manufacturing

In addition, they have acquired an EG6013 press brake enables higher production runs of smaller parts. This press brake has a full electric dual servo drive system which creates an environment of high-accuracy, repeatability, and speed while reducing energy consumption while also benefiting from offline 3D programming.

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EML-2515 Punch-Laser Turret


Finally, BJ Take is pleased to announce the addition of the EML-2515AJ3kW which is Amada’s first combination punch-laser turret with a 3kW fibre laser, 30-ton dual servo ram, and a 55-station turret. It is the first unit to be installed in Canada and to date only three have been installed in the U.S. The 3kW laser offers greater manufacturing capabilities for an increased product offering and complete control over product quality. The dual-servo ram increases punch speeds by up to 50% over existing machinery while reducing power consumption by 70%. BJ Take is also in the process of integrating an eight-shelf automation tower with auto-load unload and part picking capability to allow grey-lights operation thus allowing increased production capacity.

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