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Why BJ Take partnered with Nedap

Different problems demand different expertise. Each of Nedap’s in-house business units have  deep insight into their particular market segment. This results in carefully balanced combinations of the latest technologies with detailed market knowhow to create systems that focus on relevant issues for today and tomorrow.

All of BJ Take’s luminaires can be ordered “Nedap Enabled” which means that you receive your lighting ready to simply be installed as normal. The exciting part is that the next step once the luminare has been powered up is to enroll it remotely. No extra wires, no costly retrofits, no more frustration with builing a network of repeaters because each luminaire becomes part of the mesh network to get your location fully automated in no time.

About Nedap

The easiest system in the industry
The easiest system in the industryWireless Lighting Integration
Stop wasting time and money. BJ Take luminaires with Nedap Enabled devices provide the most efficient and easy to operate lighting management system in the industry.

Key benefits

Luxon Fundamentals contains all main features to implement combined control strategies and provides you with an online platform to manage the extensive network of luminaires, sensors and controllers. All luminaires and sensors in a Luxon project are controlled wirelessly which reduces installation costs and offers flexibility in the future. It allows for light management of both single or multiple sites and is accessible from everywhere in the world. Luxon Fundamentals is intuitive and easy to work with, so the time spent on keeping your system running smoothly is kept to a minimum.
Luxon Energy Analytics offers proof of performance of your lighting system, gives you the tools to analyze your energy data and identify possibilities for further optimizations. It furthermore functions as a tool to make your energy costs predictable. By analyzing patterns in the big data generated by the luminaires and sensors anomalies in energy consumption are identified, diagnosed and resolved if necessary. The simple & intuitive data graphs and automatically generated reports save you considerable time and resources. These reports can be used for energy efficiency rebate program applications and are of great use for sustainability reporting.
Luxon Maintenance Assist helps you to plan your maintenance activities, sends error notifications when a component is malfunctioning and provides you with maintenance reports. No time is wasted on identifying failures; system reports notify the appropriate personnel and action lists can be implemented.

Stop wasting time and money.

BJ Take and Nedap provides the most efficient light management system in the industry.

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