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Fluorescent Lighting
Fluorescent LightingT5 & T8 Lighting Solutions
Our line of stunning fluorescent lighting products will satisfy any application or spec requirement. Our products are Canadian made and can be customized for any requirement.
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BFHL – Fluorescent High Bay Fixture

Product Description Industrial-grade, suspended-mount fluorescent high bay fixture. It has been designed for indoor use where high-efficiency, ease of installation and sturdy construction are primary considerations. Its [...]

BFHV – Fluorescent Vapour Proof High Bay Fixture

Product Description Superior-grade,  suspended mount fluorescent vapour proof fixture. Its unique, IP67 certified body makes it ideal in washdown or extremely dusty environments where efficiency and performance [...]

LED Lighting
LED LightingHigh Efficiency Lighting Solution
All of BJ Take Inc.’s LED lighting solutions are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Look for products with the DLC approval to protect your reputation and the safety of your client.
Other BJ Take Inc. Products
Fluorescent Conversion Kits
Fluorescent Conversion KitsEnergy Efficient Conversion Kits
BJ Take Inc.’s conversion kits are used to convert an existing strip or industrial fixture to use a different lamp length and/or use fewer, more efficient lamps.
LED Conversion Kits
LED Conversion KitsFluorescent to LED Conversion Kits
BJ Take Inc.’s fluorescent to LED conversion kits increase your ability to recreate a fixture using an LED light source for cost and energy conscious clients.
MiscellaneousFluorescent and LED Parts
Although BJ Take Inc. prides itself on manufacturing only the highest quality fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures, we recognize that you may only need a part.