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Product Description

The LWSL is a LED vapour proof fixture with i-DIM technology for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for work areas, factories, food processing plants, garages, and wet or damp locations.


  • Fibreglass body with neoprene gasket ensures a dust and water resistant seal

  • Available in 5000K

  • L70 of 200,000 hours

  • Diffuser provides a uniform lighting surface


  • Available in 5000K

  • Available in 3500 lumens and 4500 lumens


  • Standard 5 year system, and 10 year LED warranty


  • Critical FOD Free Work Station Areas

  • Factories

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Garages

  • Underground parking facilities

  • Warehouse facilities


L70 of 200,000 hours. High-efficiency diffuser maximizes light distribution while providing full diffusion of LED point sources.


Snap-on mounting brackets for suspension mounting


  • IP 67 rated fiberglass enclosure with gasket to keep moisture out
  • Methyl methacrylate lens for durability
  • Easy access allows for net work wiring
  • FOD free and all captive hardware
  • Safety tethered lens and module mount (Standard)


  • ETL listed product

  • Meets IP67 standards

Product Dimensions

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