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Important DLC Premium Information

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All products on the DLC qualified list are now classified as either DLC PREMIUM or DLC Standard.  This classification was done by DLC in response to demand by Utility Companies for a clearer distinction between LED products so that the BEST products can be chosen for the right application.

DLC Premium vs. DLC Standard

The two performance metrics for DLC are LUMENS PER WATT and LED LIFESPAN.  For the DLC PREMIUM a more stringent efficiency and a lifetime target must be met in order to be approved as a DLC PREMIUM fixture. While the lumens per watt requirement changes based on whatever category the product is placed, the product lifespan requirement always remains the same.

In order for a product to be DLC PREMIUM listed it MUST not only pass the L70 lifetime requirements for its category BUT it must also pass the L90 testing. The L90 test standard states that in order to pass L90 testing a product light output must not drop lower than 90% of its initial output in the first 36,000 hours of operation. The lifetime calculation is still done using the TM-21 calculator. This calculator assumes that all LED chips depreciate on an extrapolated curve based depreciation in output over time from the LM-80 data from the LED chip manufacturer.

Does BJ Take’s products comply with DLC Premium?

While most of the products released by BJ Take in 2016 meet the lumens per watt specifications for DLC PREMIUM testing, not all of them meet the L90 lifetime specifications due to the different LED chip loads on different output models.

NOTE: NOT all Utility  Companies have DLC Premium specific rebates. Please call your Hydro representative for more details in your region.


BLV by BJ Take

BLV – LED Suspended Mount Vapour Proof Fixture

View BLV Standard DLC Listing Here

View BLV Premium DLC Listing Here

NEW PRODUCT | BHZ – LED Hazardous Location Fixture

BRLR – LED Recessed Retrofit

NEW PRODUCT | BRLS – Strip LED Retrofit Kit



BLSP – LED Strip Fixture

BLRT – LED Recessed Troffer

BLHP – Superior-Grade LED Suspended Mount High Bay Fixture

BLHV Superior-Grade LED Vapour Proof High Bay Fixture

BLVN – Superior-Grade Narrow Body Suspended Mount Vapour Proof LED Fixture

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