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Press Release

Dunnville, Ontario – August 14, 2015

BJ Take Inc. is pleased to announce the listing of over 100 various products and configurations through DLC.

Vice President of Sales, Doug Wilson stated that “the listing of these products is essential to the company’s growth” as clients now have an entire line of low to high bay lighting (8,000 to 48,000 lumens) to draw from in the lighting design process. “Although we have the low and high bays listed, we also received notification that our BLV vapour tight and the BLSP architectural strip fixtures have received the coveted DLC qualification”.

“Receiving the qualification on such a large scale demonstrates BJ Take’s commitment to delivering impactful products to the marketplace” Wilson continued, “and the fact that the line is manufactured in Canada aids our clients and prospective clients with including our products in a specification or design with confidence knowing that speed to market is also a major consideration”.

Suzanne Kerst, Vice President of Operations for Turtleback Canada Inc. explained that “the need for a DLC listed product has never been more significant to the lighting industry. Between rebate programs and job specifications demanding the listing, Architects and Specifiers are clamouring to find good, quality fixtures with short manufacturing times and the flexibility to fit into the specified product mold. The very fact that BJ Take’s products are recognized and manufactured locally satisfies this need on many levels”.

BJ Take’s qualified listing “provides proof that our efforts and attention to detail are paying off within an industry that is rapidly changing”, Ed Buma, President of BJ Take claimed “and as the industry continues to change, we will continue to offer products that are both usable and designed for the demands of the Canadian industry.”

About BJ Take Inc.

Located in Dunnville, ON, BJ Take is a leading manufacturer of fluorescent and LED lighting products designed with energy efficiency in mind. The company has designed and manufactured over 150 various linear fixtures and retrofit kits which are designed to be application specific including high and low bay, industrial, commercial and architectural fixtures.