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Press Release

Dunnville, Ontario – April 18, 2018

BJ Take is pleased to officially launch its newest DLC listed product offering, the BHZ hazardous location fixture.

The BHZ is designed as a rugged light source that delivers high-efficiency LED lighting output in all Class 2, Division 1 environments. The luminaire protects dust prone work areas where combustible or conductive dusts are present, or may be present in sufficient quantities to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures. With a full range of voltage options from 120V to 347V and 480V where required, the BHZ is as flexible as it is durable. In addition, it is recognized with ETL certification and a DLC listing. With a tempered glass lens, the fixture is designed to provide safe operation where other standard luminaries pose a threat for explosion or ignition. Doug Wilson, Vice President of Sales for BJ Take explained “the addition of the BHZ in the BJ Take product line is a significant step in adding high-performance products to demanding environments where there is a high probability of producing an explosive or ignitable mixture due to environmental factors.”


The BHZ’s cast aluminum body and tempered glass lens may come Nedap enabled for easy installation, wireless programming and functionality, which means the luminaire can be controlled on site or remotely. “The wireless controls bring a new level to the hazardous location market that was traditionally difficult to manage given the risk involved with exposure to ignitable sources”, Wilson explained. The wide range of lumen packages and operating temperatures to 40°C means that there is a BHZ for many hazardous location applications.


To learn more about the BHZ and how it can solve your Class II, Div 1 requirements or to learn about other BJ Take products, be sure to visit booth 1035 at the MEET show in Moncton, New Brunswick on May 2 and 3, 2018.


Located in Dunnville, Ontario, BJ Take specializes in designing and building energy-efficient lighting products that cater to the changing needs of the North American marketplace. For more information on their product line visit today.