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BJ Take Brings Energy Efficient Products To A Broader Market Place

Dunnville, ON, November 14 9:00am EST – In a continuing effort to lessen the overall carbon footprint in Ontario, BJ Take has now partnered with Gavex Sales to bring their newest energy efficient lighting to southwestern Ontario.

Doug Wilson, Vice President of Sales for BJ Take explained that “the addition of Gavex Sales to the Canadian agency team shows now more than ever that BJ Take is committed to bringing more of its energy-efficient products to market”. He continued to explain that “the southwestern Ontario territory is a significant area not only because of its rapid growth but it is also home to our factory and corporate offices. We are excited to work with the distributors in the region and help establish it as a centrepiece in energy-efficient lighting”.

While new to the BJ Take team, Gavex Sales ( specializes in design build and rebate incentive lighting projects while remaining committed to the evolving needs of the electrical distributor. Mike May, Gavex Sales’ founder explains that “BJ Take’s attention to detail and flexibility gives them the ability to provide solutions for standard or customized projects”. He continued that “their close involvement with the customer parallels our strategies thus creating a perfect partnership resulting in a successful and efficient lighting team.”

Gavex Sales territory will be all of southwestern Ontario including Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and the Niagara region.

Located in Dunnville, Ontario, BJ Take specializes in designing and building energy-efficient lighting products that cater to the changing needs of the North American marketplace. For more information on their product line visit today.

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